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“Working and living environment are very good for students. We can work and discover the country and the culture in the best conditions.”

“I personally enjoyed being flung at Malaysian lifestyle, exposed to students way of apprehending work to tutors, selection ship to the students and of course to the diversified cultural profiles food. I learnt a lot and a lot differently than I thought. I would as my Malaysian connected short comings are those I was not focusing especially on.”

“This experience was very unique in my opinion. Few are the students of my age that get this chance to do a semester in a past growing Asian city. The programme in effective with activities that can be applied on our daily life. Briefly, I am satisfied.”




27 000 étudiants


Un campus international


Développement humain et social


Le diplôme intégrant un parcours à TARC University

Bachelor Européen de Management et Développement